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VariBracket- adjustable support bracket for T-Tracks

VariBracket- adjustable support bracket for T-Tracks

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Ripping stock with Precision Parallel guides and using long T-Track Plus extrusions, or making narrow cuts brings on the need for some kind of support under the tracks, especially the long ones. Usually in the form of stock sized same as material being cut. When re-positioning the ripping jig track support needs to be re-positioned too. This also should be done when ripping previously manufactured material as ply.

The height of stock can vary, and ideally the jig with tracks should be parallel to the surface on which woodworking is to be done, or aligned with a piece being ripped if it has an angled geometry.

To make things easier we have manufactured a special Precision VariBracket (VBR38). It can be attached to any ¼” T-track slot as well as on extrusions made by Incremental Tools, Festool and Makita guide rails, and adjusted them to proper height using a scale. VariBracket is affixed to a slot with a Three-arm knob, and height is adjusted with a knurled knob. For easy setup VariBracket leg has both metric and imperial scale.

All parts of the system are machined from 6061T6 grade aluminum (we went with aircraft grade due to its stability) to 0.001" tolerances and anodized (Type II). 

Precision VariBracket includes:

  • (1) Support leg with a scale

  • (1) Bracket base

  • (1) 1/4" Three arm knob

  • (1) 1/4" fluted knob

  • (1) T-nut

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