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ITM Fence for Festool MFT/3 - Metric

ITM Fence for Festool MFT/3 - Metric

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Discover the ultimate solution for precision woodworking with our ITM Fence, the premier metric version designed specifically for Festool MFT/3 tables and 20mm workbenches. Unlike other fences and extrusions available on the market, our ITM Fence offers unmatched accuracy, robustness, and versatility for your woodworking projects.

Our fence features a solid, precision-machined piece beneath the guide rail, eliminating the flex caused by separate extrusions with hardware. This design ensures stability and precision, even when your stock doesn’t extend past the fence. After calibration, you can effortlessly switch the stop from narrow cuts to regular cuts and back again.

ITM Fence leverages the renowned Incra Track System, providing significant advantages over other fences, including:

  • A robust extrusion design

  • Multiple attachment options using screws, t-slots, and more

  • Incra’s patented saw tooth racks for precise, repeatable indexing without guesswork

  • A solid aluminum stop that securely locks into the saw tooth racks, offering superior dimensional stability over plastic or 3D-printed alternatives

  • An etched sliding scale that eliminates the need for fence adjustments

Enhancements we've integrated:

  • A low-profile section under 12mm that extends to 203mm, providing under-the-guide rail support without the need for connectors, thus avoiding misalignments

  • Unique under-the-guide rail indexing capability, featuring a brushed stainless steel indexing rod to prevent bothersome light reflections

Our versatile fence can be used independently or attached to our Mighty Miter for precise square and miter cross-cutting. When paired with our Anchor Dogs (1/4-20 slot), the fence can be swiftly installed, removed, and re-installed on your workbench within minutes. For maximum ripping capacity, consider adding a pair of PFP-103 plates (sold separately), designed to occupy less than 0.5" or 12mm of your Festool MFT/3 workbench surface.

ITM Fence is available in two configurations to meet varying needs:

  • ITM Fence 820C: 820 mm ripping capacity with Stop and indexing rod

  • ITM Fence 1220C: 1220 mm ripping capacity with Stop and indexing rod

  • ITM Fence hardware: to connect ITM Fence with PFP-103 plates to your MFT/3

Note: Anchor Dogs are sold separately from ITM Fences.

Click HERE for ITM Fence setup instructions.



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