Precision Plate v2.0


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Please note: Incremental Tools have changed the base of the LS positioner. It does not have holes anymore, so one can either drill the new base or purchase an LS positioner with a base of a TS ( table saw) version instead.

Many woodworkers were looking for possibilities as how to combine Incra LS or TS Positioner with a 96mm grid workbenches and now such option is up for grabs.

Precision Plate has been designed to work in conjunction with our Short Dogs which have M8 thread (our standard from March 2014). If you have our redesigned threaded Short dogs, no need to buy another pair unless you will utilize them while using with Incra LS Positioner for indexing your stock.

For those of you who have different diameter holes (like older style MFT or 3/4" size) you can use dogs with other diameter shaft, as long as they have M8 thread, their head height is 0.195" and your table has 96mm distance between holes.

Precision plate is machined out of aircraft grade aluminum and Type 2 Black anodized. 

Complete Precision Plate set includes:

  • (1) Precision Plate
  • (3) M8 flat head screws (already pre-installed and should not be removed)
  • (10) 1/4" socket head screws ( 6 for LS base and 4 for TS base)
  • (2) Precision Short Dogs
  • (2) M8 Knobs¬†

Note: Knobs may be different from pictured, but will have same functionality.

Please see our manual for installation and calibration.