Precision Parallel Guides (Complete Set) for Festool and Makita Guide Rails
Precision Parallel Guides V1.2
Precision Parallel Guides (Basic Set) for Festool and Makita Guide Rails
Length adapters and Spacers.
Set screws that ensure that there is no play for T-Track extrusions.
Attaching Guide rail adapters to Makita or Festool guide rail
Preparation for calibration of Precision Parallel guides (Basic Set)
Precision Parallel Guides(Basic set) calibration. Setting zero with a combination square
Precision Parallel Guides (Basic set) for Makita and Festool guide rails
Length adapters and spacers.
Precision Parallel Guides (Complete set) calibration for Makita and Festool guide rails.
Precision Parallel Guides V1.2
Length Adapter
Precision Parallel Guides (Complete Set) for Festool and Makita Guide Rails with Tracks (Imperial)
Precision Parallel Guides (Complete Set) for Festool and Makita Guide Rails with Tracks (Metric)
Precision Parallel Guides V1.2

Precision Parallel Guides V1.2

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Updated Feb 2020

Precision Parallel Guides is an alternative system to Festool Parallel Guides Extension Set. It was developed with the purpose of minimizing the time for calibration and setup, as well as making it a simpler process. An essential add-on to your Track saw. Assembly works with both imperial and metric systems.

Using Incra T-Track Plus, which are widely available online (including us) and in retail stores around the world. With our Precision Parallel Guides you will set up for ripping within a minute. This system allows to rip stock as thin as 1/4" and as thick as your Track Saw blade allows.The width of the cuts is limited by the length of the Incra T-Track Plus.

One can choose either a Complete set (image 1) for ripping narrow and wide stock, or Basic set (image 3) for ripping stock wider than the Guide rail. Works with Festool Makita, and Triton Guide rails.

Knobs make repositioning along guide rail grove without use of any tools fast and easy. The latching mechanism won't dimple your rails. An elongated T-nut provides a larger clamping surface thus causing less stress on a material leaving your guide rail without any damage.

New for January 2020: Improved ergonomic or Length Adapter. Each Guide Rail adapter now comes with special side screws which eliminate any play of the T-Track extrusion in the assembly delivering precise parallel cuts. 

New for July 2021: Redisigned Length adapter. Now Length adapter has similar feaure to out Guide Rail adapters. Two set screws eliminate any possible play in the extrusion. Spacer is now attached not only with with two set screws, but also a planar stop. Eliminates all the guesswork. Chamfer added to all top edges for a smooth touch operation.

Among other advantages of this system are chamfered edges on Length Adapters for ease of scale setting (no parallax), Spacers that can be positioned in multiple ways to accommodate the pickiest users' precision requirements.

Here you can see a video showing how to setup our guides and test ripping of ply.

All parts of the system are machined from 6061T6 grade aluminum (we went with aircraft grade due to its stability) to 0.001" tolerances and anodized (Type II).  

Precision Parallel Guide System (complete set) consists of:

  • (2) Guide Rail brackets with (2) knobs and (4) adjustment screws
  • (2) Length Adapters with (2) oversized Star knobs and adjusting set screws
  • (2) Spacers with (6) screws
  • (6) T-nuts (1/4-20 thread)
  • (1) 1/8" hex L-shaped wrench

Please see our updated manual for more detailed information regarding calibration and setup. 

Note: Incra T-Track Plus does not come with the order unless picked as an option.

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