Precision Bench Dogs


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These are Precision bench dogs for Festool MFT/3, Walko or other 20mm hole grid tables. All dogs are machined to 0.0005" tolerance to insure there will be no issues when using them to setup for square, or other angle (45, 22.5 degrees, and so on) cuts on your grid drilled table.

The center hole of a Standard Precision bench dog is without thread and will accommodate M8, 5/16" or smaller size screws. This feature is very handy for making your own jigs taking into consideration that you can run screws through a dog and thus tighten it to the surface of your working table. A little groove under the stand off eliminates a radii and guarantees that Precision dog lays precisely flat on your MFT.

Short Precision Dog has a M8 thread instead of a center hole and one can secure these dogs with a standard Festool knobs that come with Clamping elements.

Type II Non fading Black anodizing on these dogs done per Mil-A-8625 (military) classification.

Benefits of anodized aluminum over raw (polished) one:

  • Improved surface hardness and abrasion resistance
  • Improved resistance to stain (easier to clean, remove dried glue, etc.)
  • Non-fading clear will guarantee that part will stay black which will make them easier to spot among your tools when needed.
  • Corrosion resistance matching that of stainless steel in the outside environment.

Standard Precision bench dogs provide enough clearance to work with 0.5 inch material or thicker. Short Precision bench dogs provide enough clearance to work with 0.25 inch, 8 mm or thicker material (though for thick material we recommend using Standard dogs).

Please note, they will not fit if you have an older style MFT or the size of your holes is smaller than 20 mm.