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Precision Fence Plate (PFP-103) for Festool MFT/3 and more

Precision Fence Plate (PFP-103) for Festool MFT/3 and more

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When working on Festool MFT/3 or similar 20mm workbench we want to have a planar stop that can be quickly installed and just as quickly removed. To solve this issue, while incorporating additional functionality, we have designed and manufactured Precision Fence Plate (PFP-103) that works with our no slope fitting Short Precision Dogs.

This plate has been machined out of solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum with edges perpendicular ( right angle) to each other within 1 mil (0.001 inch) tolerance on 12” length. Precision Fence Plate has the following dimensions 10”x3”x1/4”. Surface is hard anodized (will not get scratched). For your convenience, both sides of the PFP-103 have engraved scales going in both directions ( left to right, right to left). Scales are metric and imperial making them a quick indexing tool at hand. As all our products - Made in the USA!

A short list of where our PFP-103 can be used for 

  • Making an adjustable stop when ripping on MFT/3 ( including under the guide rail for narrow cuts)
  • Making a 90 and 45 degree angled stop when ripping with Festool TS55 or TS75
  • As a material stop when working with Festool Domino
  • Setting Guide rail and Festool or Incra T-Track System ripping fence perfectly square (need (2) plates)
  • Marking stock for Festool Domino tenons or else
  • Quickly checking square in joinery.

There are two ways how the PFP-103 can be secured to a MFT/3. 

First way would be when our Precision Short Dogs are dropped in the Festool MFT/3 and secured below with our economy knob. Then, PFP-103 can be dropped on these dogs, adjusted to required position and secured using second pair of economy knobs from above (Festool M8 knobs work just as well).

Second way would be to flip PFP-103 and lay it down along a desired holes (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). Next, a pair of our Precision Short Dogs should be dropped in the channel of PFP-103 and finally secured just with one pair of knobs from below. This will make the overall height of the PFP-103 at 1/4“( 6mm) providing low clearance and can be slid fully under the guide rail while being used as stop for ripping narrow and thin stock or as a right angle stop for the material to be ripped.

Description of the options:

1). PFP-103 (Plate only) -  single PFP-103 plate only.
2). PFP-103 (No Knob set) - single PFP-103 plate and 1 pair of our Short Dogs
3). PFP-103 (Basic Set) - single PFP-103 plate, 1 pair of Short Dogs, and two M8 Knobs
4). PFP-103 (Complete Set) - single PFP-103 plate, 1 pair of Short Dogs, and four M8 Knobs  

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