Precision Parallel Guides v1.1


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Precision Parallel Guides is an alternative system to Festool Parallel Guide Extension Set. It was developed with the purpose of minimizing the time for calibration and setup, as well as making it a simpler process, that way the user will be able to start the work quicker. Additionally, the assembly works with both imperial and metric systems.

Using Incra T-Track Plus, which are widely available on-line (including us) and in retail stores, with our Precision Parallel Guides makes it possible to setup for ripping within a minute or two. This system allows to rip stock as thin as 1/4"  and as thick as your Track Saw blade allows.The width of the cuts is limited by the length of the Incra T-Track Plus.

One can choose either a Complete set(image 1) for ripping narrow and wide stock, or Basic set(image 2) for ripping stock wider than Festool or Makita Guide Rail. 

Fastening knobs makes it easy to tighten and loosen the guides to relocate them along the Festool Guide rail grove. The latching mechanism won't dimple your rails. Instead of a square nut a T-nut is used which provides larger clamping surface thus causing less stress on a material.

Among other advantages of this system are chamfered edges on Length Adapters for ease of length setting on a scale, spacers that can be positioned in multiple ways to accommodate the pickiest users' precision requirements. Additionally, spacers have two tapped bores with a thread for possible jig integration or else.

All parts of the system are machined from 6061T6 grade aluminum (we went with aircraft grade due to its stability) to 0.001" tolerances and anodized (Type II).  

 Precision Parallel Guide System (complete set) consists of:

  • (2) Guide Rail brackets with (2) knobs and (4) screws
  • (2) Length Adapters with (2) over-sized knobs
  • (2) Spacers with (6) set screws
  • (6) T-nuts (1/4-20 thread)
  • (1) 1/8" hex L-shaped wrench

Please see our manual for a more detailed information regarding calibration and setup. 

Note: Incra T-Track Plus does not come with the order unless picked as an option.

Complete Set