Precision Rail dogs for 20mm grid tables as Festool MFT
Precision Rail Dogs
Precision Rail Dogs
Precision Rail Dogs
Precision Rail dogs with collars. 90 degree cut
Precision Rail Dogs
Precision Rail Dogs
SpiRail dogs for Bosch or Mafell for 20mm workbench
SpiRail Dogs for Mafell and Bosch Guide Rails
SpiRail Dogs for Mafell and Bosch. Right slot installation

Precision Rail Dogs

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This is a set of 2 machined Precision Guide Rail dogs with optional height adjuster and two knobs for Festool MFT/3 or a custom bench with 20mm grid pattern (inspired by Qwas Rail dogs).

UPDATE: Now rail dogs come with fine thread which offers a better grip and minimizes possible loosening from vibrations.

Precision Guide Rail bench dogs while used on a Festool MFT/3 table (or any other table with equally spaced 20mm holes) ensures that your guide rail is aligned with the line of holes in either direction. Utilizing a grid on a Festool MFT (especially with a set of Precision Bench Dogs) for alignment makes cutting and routing easier.

Height adjusting spacer provides enough support for a Festool Guide rail with a saw ( see pictures below) and allows cutting stock narrower than guide rail (make sure your piece is properly clamped when performing such cuts). To adjust the height you will need a hex wrench that comes with a TS55 or TS75 Festool plunge saw. 

By turning Precision rail dogs upside down and securing them with provided knobs you can align your Guide rail without tightening dogs to a rail (see pictures).

Type II Non fading Black anodizing on these dogs done per Mil-A-8625 (military) classification.

Benefits of anodized aluminum over raw (polished) one:

  • Improved surface hardness and abrasion resistance
  • Improved resistance to stain (easier to clean, remove dried glue, etc.)
  • Non-fading clear will guarantee that part will stay black which will make them easier to spot among your tools when needed
  • Corrosion resistance matching that of stainless steel in the outside environment.

Finish on spacers: Black Oxide

10% of one pair of Rail dogs will be applied with a purchase of any of our Precision Dogs with a discount code: DOG HOUSE!

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