About Us

Precision Dogs is a company located in California & inspired by the creativity and demands of modern woodworkers whose high expectations will be fulfilled by means of our products.

Nowadays, in the environment of high competition it is of utmost importance to deliver customers with quality products and at the same time keep costs at a minimum. Therefore, thinking outside of the box is not one's choice but rather a requirement since market is presently flooded with variety of choices and goods. Making such a choice sets a path of constant improvement in the fields of creativity and functionality in which we are sure our products will be indispensable.

  • One may say that high quality products are intended for professional use only, but it is our goal to prove that statement wrong
  • All of our products are manufactured on a production grade machinery which ensures quality and consistency
  • We are not following a path of cutting corners on a grade of material. Instead we work on minimizing production time through efficiency
  • The last, yet determining factor for many, is that all of our parts are manufactured in the USA and materials also come from US based industry suppliers

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